Measurement Services

The need for companies to subcontract dimensional part inspection out can be varied. Your measurement capacity may be fully loaded or you may not have the necessary measurement equipment needed to correctly inspect your components. There may be a need for an independent inspection of your part for correlation or measurement resolution. Our experience, decades of programming knowledge and the latest technology enable us to solve your most complex inspection needs. Our first article, batch and production inspection experience has been applied to a wide range of industries and processes. We have worked across multiple industries, helping our customers understand their manufacturing processes and the quality of their products.

Some of the different types of parts we have worked on are below.

  • Medical Prosthetics – Femoral Knees, Trays, Hip Stems.
  • Precision Machining – Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Automotive.
  • Castings – Blades, Gearbox Housings, Turbine Engine.
  • Composites – Aerospace, Automotive, Motorsport.
  • Gauges, Checking Fixtures – Aerospace, Automotive
  • Plastics Machining – Medical.
  • Stamping and Sheet Metal – Automotive.
  • Gears and Splines – Aerospace.